DigiGauge 2 Pressure Display

Introducing DigiGauge 2 by Bag Riders - the perfect stand-alone digital pressure gauge system featuring integration with TouchBox to display air pressures on your smart phone!

       As a stand-alone digital pressure gauge, or as an accessory to Zaetech’s flagship product TouchBox, DigiGauge 2 is the perfect accessory to accurately monitor the pressures of any air suspension setup. DigiGauge 2 features a crisp, digital OLED screen with white backlighting for displaying four corner bag and reservoir (tank) pressure.

       Optionally, the user can pair the DigiGauge 2 unit with a Bag Riders TouchBox and view bag and reservoir pressures directly on their iPhone or Android Smart Phone. DigiGauge is truly the next step in minimalistic digital air ride pressure display systems.

DigiGauge 2 Feature List
  • Compatible with any Air Ride System
  • Four Corner (Bag) and Reservoir (Tank) Read-out
  • White OLED display
  • Black Anodized Aluminum Display
  • 0-200psi Pressure Readings with 1psi Resolution
  • Night Dimming
  • Simple ‘Plug-n-Play’ Installation
  • Free Technical Support
  • Integration with TouchBox to display air pressures on your smart phone.
  • DigiGauge 2 ECU
  • Full Plug-n-Play Wire Harness
  • (5) Extra Compact 200psi Digital Pressure Sensors
  • Black Anodized Aluminium OLED Display Screen
  • 25ft Display Harness

DigiGauge 2 System Instruction Manual
DigiGauge 2 OLED Screen Template